At a shady health food company in Shimbashi, part-time employee Kajiwara is left behind when
the other staff takes off
with the company's money.

Brought before The Boss, the president of parent company Give Me Money, in a skyscraper towering over Shimbashi,
Kajiwara is commanded to recover the funds alone.

He makes back half a billion yen owing in record time and earns the favor of The Boss.

Charged with cleaning up Japan, Kajiwara is made the president of dummy health food company, Present For You.

But The Boss is a man who doesn't believe in love and sneers at people who so much as trust each other.
Under the guise of cleaning up Japan, he dictates people he doesn't like to be sent to Kajiwara's office in a bag for disposal.

One rainy night, the "present" delivered to Kajiwara's office.

However difficult their lives, however weak and susceptible to sorrow they are, these are people who hold love
and hope for their friends in their hearts.
Their harsh town doesn't give them much love.

And, in truth, they don't really care what happens here today. That they were there is enough. They will deal with the rest.
Even the truth of the love between fugitives Muneoka and Yuki doesn't mean anything to them.
Here's hoping you'll meet someone like them one day.